Rational Anthem

of A-F records, independent record label based in Pittsburgh, PA

Rational Anthem

"Noelle Stolp, her brother Pete, and little Christopher Hembrough have been hammering it out in basements as Rational Anthem since before you were punk. With the release of their third album though – and first for A-F Records - they’re finally debuting as the band they were meant to be. Meticulously crafted, workshopped, and retooled over the course of three years (with the help and guidance of friends from Direct Hit! and The Copyrights)"

- A-F Records

Hot House Yoga

"Iowa City/Coralville's premier hot yoga studios and home to a collective group of teachers who have connected through the practice and teaching together for nearly 15 years! Our goal was to create a community that is welcoming, classes that are empowering and challenging and an opportunity to dig deep into the core of our purpose. "

- Hot House Yoga

Maestro Agavero

A local product from Tama, Iowa. Mastro Agavero brings the taste of mexico by dedicating their efforts to visit agave farms in the heart of Mexico. Ensuring quality conditions, ingredients from their respected vendors and ultimately the best tasting experience.

Maestro Agavero holds an inviting flavor, warm, smooth, and easily fit for another round.

We were happy to deliver a video that captures the essence of tequila and represent its place in any bar.

Always practicing on the craft of film and telling stories

"One of my ways of growing into a stronger artist is to get the project done. Unfinished work tends to creep into new work and you end up creating this melting pot of idea's, pointing away from clarity and the inspiration from where it all started. "

-Michael Garza


Director and camera operator, Michael Garza, works off a vision that embodies emotion.

"Every moment I start recording, I try to re-create my story from my head. Instead of recording aimlessly, I know what I am looking for and this allows me to focus more on capturing those unplanned, priceless, and exciting moments. "

- Michael Garza

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